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If you own the earlier style DR650, you might feel like you missed the party. While these are perfectly fine bikes, their short production run, and frequent revisions kept the aftermarket from producing much that is specific to these models.

On the other hand, since these bikes came with bigger tanks, comfier seats, wind protection, skid plates and luggage racks, you could argue that there wasn't much the early DR650 owner needed from the aftermarket in the first place...

Acerbis still lists a 6.6 gallon plastic tank for the '92-'95 DR650 [P/N 11158806]

The biggest plus is the earlier engine made more horsepower, but it came at a cost of more weight. The swingarm is a steel unit instead of aluminum, so the bike weighs 50lbs more than the newer version. Also, the suspension is an older design and much cruder, not that the new ones are anything to write home about either.

Just beware that few part interchange and that the 1992 to 1995 are a different sub-variant within the older design.

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