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The DR650SE comes with steel cross bar type 7/8" handle bars that are painted black and seem to be made of the cheapest steel known to man. The simplest tip over can result in bent bars. Very popular mods are replacing the stock 7/8" bars with aluminum bars having a sweep back and height to match the riders preferences, installing bar risers, replacing the stock bars with tapered type MX bars using a set of 7/8" to 1-1/8" handlebar clamp adapters in the stock rubber mount clamps and replacing the stock rubber mount clamps with 1-1/8" bar rubber mount clamps.

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Hand Guards and Bark Busters Edit

The stock DR650SE came with lever bracket mounted plastic hand guards. They provide some protection from wind, small stones and very light brush... but that's about it. If you want grip protection, better hand protection through larger plastic covers or any kind of serious hand protection you need to add a set of bark busters that attach to the end of the handlebars and clamp to the main bar towards the triple clamp. The aluminum bar type are generally the strongest but even the plastic ones are far superior to the unsupported stock guards.

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Throttle LockEdit

An invaluable tool on longer rides to help with fatigue is a throttle lock. Designed to hold the throttle in position while you stretch out the wrist, palm and fingers.

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