Suzuki DR650 Wiki

History & Development[]

Thanks to a number of DR enthusiasts globally, comprehensive details regarding the history and development of this thumper is freely available.¹

In brief, the first models introduced were the Djebel/Dakar (AKA DR650R and DR650S) and the RS that were both kick start. In 1991, the first electric start model was introduced, namely the DR650RSE. In 1992 the Djebel/Dakar model saw a few changes, included being renamed to just DR650R and DR650S. This model also saw improvements in the exhaust system, a smaller tank and 8kg weight reduction.

In 1996 the DR650SE was introduced, replacing the previous models. The engine was radically redesigned, reducing its power but allowing for more smooth delivery. The bike's weight was also reduced by around 25kg. In 2002, the DR's styling was updated with a new headlight fairing and Suzuki's widely recognized yellow offroad racing colors and graphics.

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