There is a whole world of lighting options for the DR650SE's as long as you stay within the limits of the 200w output alternator. Popular options are Buell dual headlight front cowling and high output headlight bulbs for the stock cowling. Another option, and a way to reduce overall current draw to allow the addition of more accessories, is to install a 35 watt HID front headlight. As bright or brighter than the stock 55 watter but reduces 20 extra watts of stator draw for heated grips and/or vests, etc. Additional watt savings are found in replacement of standard bulbs with LEDs. Turn signals, tail light (1157 bayonet base) and indicator panel (74 wedge base) can all be converted to LEDs with just a bit of work. Here's a link to mxrob's DR650 LED conversion post on Thumpertalk.

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