Suzuki DR650 Wiki

Routine maintenance is a fundamental part of any mechanical device. If you don't do it you will pay one way or another. As far as motorcycles, in general, go the DR650 is one of the easiest to maintain. Oil changes are easy to do, electronic ignition so nothing to do there, screw-type valve lash adjusters... YOU can do it!

General tips:
  • The DR650 is very smooth for a big thumper but it still can rattle parts off of itself rather quickly. Use some type of thread locking fluid on your fasteners. Products like Locktite's 242 are a good choice. Your side panels, chain guard and other various items will thank you by still being there when you return from your ride.
  • Use a torque wrench! It's a repeat performance seeing posts about snapped off studs and stripped bolts. A decent 0-75 ft-lb torque wrench just doesn't cost that much and can pay for itself many times over when components are ruined on your machine by over torquing.
  • Oil Changes: Almost always a debated subject so change it at least as often as recommended by the service manual and use the appropriate grade oil for your environmental conditions. If you decide to use a synthetic oil be sure it has the JASO MA specification for wet clutches.
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