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When Suzuki redesigned the DR650 for 1996, they did so with an eye to cutting weight. The DR650SE was more than fifty pounds lighter than the '95 DR650S it replaced. One part that was made lighter was the seat. It was also made narrower and firmer.
The seat is one of the most common complaints riders make about the SE. Many find it so hard and unbearable that is often the first item to be upgraded.
Suzuki offers a gel seat [P/N 99950-62181], but owners give mixed reviews. Many claim the gel padding isn't any softer than the stock seat. It is popular for shorter riders, as the gel seat sits more than an inch lower. However, taller riders may find the seat-to-peg distance more cramped.
The aftermarket offers several choices for the DR650SE. Corbin, Sargent, Renazco, Russell, Seat Concepts, Procycle and Rick Mayer all sell wider, plusher saddles some of which can be custom ordered to to fit the individual needs of the rider. When ordering a seat from Corbin, keep in mind that there is a different seat for DR's equipped with the IMS plastic gas tank.
These custom seats can be expensive. Often, a lower cost alternative is to take the stock seat to an upholstery shop and have the factory seat foam replaced with more compliant foam that is contoured in a more comfortable shape.
Some have found relief from adding a sheepskin cover to the seat. Companies such as Alaska Leather sell sheepskin pads cut to fit dirtbike seats. Other riders prefer the inflatable Airhawk seat pad, which is comprised of interconnected air cells. An inexpensive solution that has worked for a number of riders is to use an ATV seat cushion, available from Walmart.
The stock DR650 seat can really put the hurt on you. Fortunately, it's one pain you don't have to live with.
Seat Concepts
Links to some Renazco installs: mxrob&OUTTATHERE on Thumpertalk. (Airhawk seat pad)

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