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Tires! Even with the DR650's 17" rear tire there are still a fairly good number of tires to choose from depending on what type of riding you are planning on doing. We'll list them in the %street/%dirt format based on published data, riders experience or pull a rabbit out of our hat best guess. So knowing that YMMV right along with traction you get. :-) We need your comments here riders!

Since the DR650 and the KLR use the same size tires..... This link will take you to the KLR community's awesome tire research and experience listing. It has pictures, links and rider comments on most of the major dual sport tire brands. All credit and thanks to the KLR guys for this great resource!


  • Pirelli Scorpion Trail front 90/90-21 rear 120/90-17 & 130/80-17 95/5 Road/Dirt. Exceptional wet and dry grip. Excellent mileage and hi-speed stability.
  • Pirelli Scorpion MT90 S/T front 90/90-21 rear 120/90-17 & 130/80-17 90/10 Road/Dirt. Excellent street performance with reasonable mileage.


  • Mitas E-07 are a low cost high mileage tyre. Not available in all countries.
  • Shinko 705. Good feel and surprisingly adept off road.


  • The Kenda 270, IRC GP-1 and Shinko SR244 are very similar. An excellent compromise in the dual sport world. Stock sizing comes at 3.0/21 in the front and 4.6/17 in the rear. There is a 5.10/17 rear size available that fits up nicely and has a larger contact patch that is strongly recommended if you go for these tires.
  • Pirelli MT90 AT front 90/90-21 rear 120/90-17 a more dirt aggressive version of the above mentioned Pirelli MT90 S/T

The stock Trailwings are 90/90-21 in the front and 120/90-17 in the rear. You can also run 130/90-17 with success.


  • Continental TKC80 are very popular with many riders given their great off road performance. Though they last around 2k.
  • Pirelli MT21 are another option. Italian made, they stick wet or dry on the street. But also wear down faster than the D606 or Kenda 270 which are harder rubber.
  • Shinko 244 great option for pure 50/50 tire at a great price too. Similar to Kenda and GP1.
  • Heidenau K60 German. Cheap, they offer good street and off road performances. Very good longevity.
  • Avon Gripster I LOVE these! I use stock sizes. Mostly street but when the road got rough (all gravel), they were very good!
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