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Sport touring, commuting or just hiding as much of your body as possible from that nasty wind and rain. The DR650 owner may wish for a windscreen that will keep some of the airflow off the chest and helmet. There seems to be a several apporaches to this: a fairly inexpensive aftermarket windshield that bolts on to the hanldebars such as the Slipstream Spitfire; a windshield that attacheds to the stock Suzuki flyscreen, such as the Cee Bailey; and a much larger winsdscreen (and more expensive unit) such as the Parabellum.

Those seeking an economical approach, as I did, may consider the Slipstreamer Sptifire as the first step. It bolts to the handlebars with a 7/8" mounting kit, that may or may not be included as part of the windshield kit.. The windshield is attached to the mounting kits with a grommeted fastener. Advantages: inexpensive (check the on-line store that has the same name as a South American river), easy to install, no mounting anything to the flyscreen. Disadvantages: 1/8" windshield oscillates somewhat in the wind, likely more noisy that other solutions, mine blocks wind from the chest but not the helmet. Be careful that the windshield does not touch the plastic flyscreen, others report it rubbing a grove in the plastic flyscreen when mounted with the bottom touching the flyscreen.

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